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This site is going to be used mainly for any Garak/Bashir fanfic or silly shtuffs I don't want to post elsewhere. My facebook links here, but only for communication I may want to set up between users here and users on facebook. No crossposting is going to happen, most of the time... I'll try to keep an up-to-date list of my fics & other posts below...


Nine Tales (WIP - 9 part short story series)
Part 1 - A Tale to Pass the Time

What Goes Around... (WIP - epic GEN/OTP)
Preface/Teaser - Binary Equation
Preface/Teaser - Dirge Chante de Solo en Masse
Teaser/Songfic - Once You Cross the Line

Stand Alone:

Fishy Entendres - Dialogue-only Drabble
Wordless - Songfic, Drabble
Lie to Me - Songfic, Drabble

A Matter of Public Record
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This poetic, but not poetry, journalistic but not journal entry, a call for action and action in itself. Shift the paradigm. Please. Had to get this out, somewhere. Don't know if anyone will read it, though. If you do, please repost it anonymously wherever you believe it to be appropriate. Don't change it, though.Collapse )

A meme.
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First time doing one of these. Thank you, lady_drace 


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